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3 Tips: Best CBD Oil to Sell

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Quality isn't always easy to see...

The CBD market is in full swing, and if you're interested in selling CBD oil online or at your business it's best to make sure you are representing the best product for you and your customers. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to purchase the most expensive CBD oil (Hemp oil) out there, and from the most popular company, nor does it mean you want to be caught selling sub-par product that ends up being returned by the customer and your reputation is tarnished. Keep in mind your budget, the type of customer you're targeting (their spending habits) and the product. Here are three tips for finding the best CBD oil for your business to sell whether you're online or brick and mortar.

1 - Determine your target audience: It's best to hone in on a specific customer, for example: 55 and older that are seeking pain management and are on a budget, but have the resources to purchase regularly.

Do not be all things to all people, or you won't be anything to anyone.

If you're already selling to a particular group of people, that's great. If not, it's time to determine who exactly it is and then read up on who this group is so you pick the correct product otherwise they won't buy. Are they skittish and need reassurance it's safe? Are they young millennials that are attracted to cool branding that speaks to them? All of these questions and line of thinking will help in determining your target audience and serving them the best option of CBD products for them.

2 - Discover your customer's budget tolerance, and yours: How much capital do you have to spend on product? If you're starting small and only have a couple hundred dollars, you'll need the best profit margin you can get without selling bottom-of-the-barrel CBD oil products, and this will be about 30% at best for available mark-up on the product. If you have several thousands of dollars, look at becoming an exclusive distributor and get upwards of 50% off the product line from the companies that are making these CBD oil and Hemp oil products. Make sure you have enough capital leftover to fulfill orders and buy advertising. And what of your customer's budget?

Focus on your target audience and this will help determine which CBD oil would be best for them, for example: cost is between $45 and $65 a month, free shipping, willing to be on a monthly automatic payment and shipping plan, and they have trust issues that you're willing to tackle by having recorded proof of the CBD quality. A little research will go a long way. Search for studies done on "seniors" or "baby boomers" and the average cost of prescription drugs they pay out every year.

3 - Research and read. There's not a way past it: first read through several of the online review forums like ours here and follow threads of information that take you to CBD companies and places where you can read real customer reviews. Here's a nice review site like ours: https://cbdoilusers.com/

While doing your search, be sure to take notes on these important items: cost, variety of products they company offers, shipping cost for you, proof of 3rd party testing and what advertising do they already do on their website.

These three tips are the foundation points to starting a search for the best CBD oil products for your business to sell. With determination and a small amount of time you'll feel comfortable one or two companies fit the bill. This is when it's time to make contact. Email them first and give them 72 hours to respond. If they don't, that can be a red flag. Then give them a call to ask a couple questions. Good customer service usually equates to a great product, because they care enough to help their customers. You don't want to sell a product from a company that won't back you up, so make sure they're as conscientious and serious about selling good product and having a successful long-term business.

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