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5 Health Benefits of CBD - CBD Oil/Hemp Oil

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

An uptick in medical Institutions and physicians supporting the use of CBD is causing a rush of information based on patient experience, and 5 health benefits of CBD have proven to be the most reported so far. The movement away from pharmaceuticals towards natural remedies has been gaining momentum through the last couple decades, and CBD seems to be the most talked about. In this article we look at the five main Benefits of CBD Oils. There are many clinical studies occurring today regarding the use and effectiveness of CBD, however there's still much to be learned. What studies have shown so far is the reduced effects of many symptoms associated with stress and disease. Here's what initial studies have shown so far:

1. Reduces Anxiety

Many people have reported a significant change in the levels anxiety they experience. One symptom of anxiety is stress: headaches, body tension especially in the jaw, nervousness, and the list continues, and here's a comprehensive list, including a survey you can take to see if you suffer from stress (https://www.stress.org/stress-effects).

People using between 15 mg to 50 mg a day of CBD have reported feeling balanced and less stressed. This allows more clarity of thought and calmness in the face of reaction without the feeling of dullness; many report still feeling the sense of calm and balance in the face of a stressful situation.

2. Pain Relief

One of the main reasons patients have turned to medical marijuana is for it's qualities of pain relief, and for those with chronic pain this has been helpful. Most opiods prescribed for pain leave patients with painful constipation, lack of energy and a less joyful disposition that leaves them feeling dull. The kidneys and liver absorb and process the chemicals from the drugs, causing them harm and sometimes permanent damage. Studies show no such side effects using CBD or cannabis in general.

3. Cancer Treatment

Patients of cancer treatment are reporting positive effects from using CBD, including reduced pain and increased appetite. Though there have been claims of being cured of cancer, this has not been substantiated. Many patients have also claimed they enjoy the clarity of mind and thought using CBD in particular, whereas there's a sense of losing one's will to live while taking a daily dose of opiods.

4. Reduces Seizures

Seizures plague 3.4 million Americans, and many more do not report having seizures. Some seizures are caused by stress alone. Studies are showing with regular use of CBD oil the amount of seizures are lessoned, and sometimes are alleviated entirely. https://www.healthline.com/health/epilepsy/facts-statistics-infographic#1

5. Reduces Diabetes


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