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North Caroline Hemp

The State of North Caroline is working towards becoming one of the nations biggest Hemp producer.

Since 2014 North Caroline, together with Colorado, Kentucky and Oregon, has been leading the way in industrial hemp research and development. In February 2019 the North Caroline Department of Agriculture announced that North Caroline has now 502 Licensed Growers with 2,876,914 Licensed sq. ft. of Greenhouse and 6,381.88 Licensed Acres for industrial Hemp, with another 300 applications in progress. The State is adopting well the new oppurtunities and market potentials of hemp products. While the USDA in 2000 described the "U.S. markets for hemp fiber (specialty textiles, paper, and composites) and seed (in food or crushed for oil) are, and will likely remain, small, thin markets." Does the new estimate from cannabis industry analysts the Brightfield Group value the hemp-CBD market with $22 billion by 2022. This shows that North Carolina and other early adopters of the Hemp Industry saw a bigger potential in hemp than the USDA and they were right. Besides the CBD market we can expect also the market for textile, paper and hemp plastic to grow in the next decade. Specially the market for Biodegradable plastic is becoming more and more intressting for hemp producers. Several state working on regulating disposable plastic bags, towards a more substainable solution. Biodegradable hemp plastic could fill this gap a greate a new market for hemp products away from petrol shopping bags towards hemp. Several other markets seem to grow as well like hemp based building materials and insultation. In summary...

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